Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We leave in 6 days!

We have our tickets and itinerary for China! We are leaving Tuesday the 17th instead of the 18th because we had problems getting reasonable priced tickets for that day. We leave in 6 days and I feel very unprepared.

I have been staying up late every night this week and working on stuff. We haven't gotten any school work done this week, but I am trying not to worry about that. Kai is sick with a fever today, it started last night. I really hope he is over it by Tuesday, and that he doesn't give it to anyone else.

For those of you that do not know, Kai is going with us to China. Sofia and Karsten will be staying with grandma and grandpa. I am sure they will have a great time, but I am still emotional about leaving them with someone else for 16 days. I was wrapping gifts for them and making a calender for them last night, and I miss them already...

Here is a copy of our itinerary:

March 17 Fly Des Moines - Chicago - Beijing
March 18 Arrive in Beijing. Joy (guide) will meet us at the airport
March 19 Free day
March 20 Visit the Great Wall and Cloisonne Factory
March 21 Visit Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and Acrobatic Show
March 22 Visit Temple of Heaven
March 23 Fly to Guangzhou, receive Leah in the afternoon
March 24 Adoption registration and notarization in the morning
March 25 Apply for Leah's passport in the afternoon
March 26 Visit Guangzhou Folk Art Museum and Dr. Sun's Memorial Hall
March 27 Visit a museum
March 28 Visa pictures and medical exam for Leah
March 29 Meeting to prepare the visa documents
March 30 Visa appointment
March 31 Go to consulate to take the oath and pick up visa
April 1 Fly Guangzhou - Shanghai - Chicago - Des Moines

Thank you so much for your support and your interest in reading our blog. Please leave us a message when you visit so that we can know that you were there. We will update the blog when we are in China and we would love to hear from you! Thank you!


  1. Oj!!!! Så utrolig spennende!Får helt frysninger jeg...Så deilig at dere snart er ferdig med å vente!!Har stadig ringeplaner, men nå tror jeg jammen du har nok å ordne opp i. Skjønner godt det er tøft å reise fra K og S...Men de får seg jo en ferie de også, og så vet du at de er trygge!Kommer til å tenke masse på deg og dine i tida framover nå.Flott med blog! Mange klemmer fra Anne

  2. Are you freaking out still? I cant imagine. I have had 4 weeks to prepare for our trip and I've been so busy. Its coming together. Looks like we will join up with you in Beijing and will sight see with you. Then we will meet up again in Guangzhou. My little boy is sick with fever, too. He is 4 and not going with us, but hope that he is better by Wednesday. Take care and see you in Beijing!
    Michelle from Indiana

  3. Oh I'm so happy that things are coming together for you! I imagine it's stressful to pull it all together in such a short amount of time - but you can do it, the Lord will grant you that extra amount of energy you need, and like my husband keeps saying "you can sleep on the plane". :) Enjoy the preparation and we look forward to being with you in Guangzhou! Blessings, Kristin

  4. I've been following your blog since I learned about it (in the announcement about your shower). How wonderful to think that very soon Leah will be in the arms of a loving Mommy and Daddy and siblings!! What an awesome thing!! I'll pray for smooth sailing and peace in your preparations!! Remember to take care of yourself in this process so you're healthy and strong!!! Also praying Kai's fever subsides quickly and no one else gets it!!

  5. I didn't leave my last name because I thought it would put in on my's Beth Ingram that posted above. :)

  6. Hei! Åpna bloggen i dag og der var det enda flere spennende nyheter. Du er flink, Anne Marie!
    Håper Kai snart er frisk.
    Skal sende en hilsen til Jeff fra Hans Arve (han har sittet her og lest bloggen med meg): Pass godt på i Guangzhou! Stor og litt....kaotisk by....
    HA har vært på The Swan Hotel. Han skulle egentlig til flyplassen og mangla kinesisk ord for fly, så han prøvde å mime fly - taxisjåføren nikka og kjørte han i stedet til The SWAN Hotel!! Klem fra Ingunn og Hans Arve

  7. Hei Anne Marie og Jeff + barna. Nydelig musikk og kjempe fin blogg. Kun 4 dager igjen, dette blir spennende. Håper Kai kommer seg,ta med Paracet. Svein hilser Jeff, han er snart klar for et årsmøte i "barn ingen hindring" klubben. Vi gleder oss på deres vegne. Ønsker dere god tur, og gratulerer med nydelige Leah Kristine. Vi håper å få treffe henne om ikke så alt for lenge. Klem fra Ingvild og Svein.

  8. I'll be praying for you and your family! What a wonderful adventure! We plan to adopt after we have this baby and get settled, I'll have to talk to you sometime about your experience.
    I hope everything goes smoothly and that you'll be back home before you know it. Have a wonderful trip, I'm so excited for you!
    Love, Michelle Miesen

  9. I've loved reading your site. We will be praying for all of you as you take this Journey! You will be visiting many of the places we saw when we went on two different mission trips to China. Truly an amazing country. God goes before you and surrounds you and brings you safely back home. Aunt Karen

  10. Thank you for your comments on my son's blog. It allowed me to pull up your blog & I enjoyed it so much..reading your schedule which probably matches my son's. Also that Leah is with our Aidan. My son's name is Kurt & he will be leaving tomorrow for China to bring Aidan home to us..another grandchild for me to love. I wish you safe travel & good health!!

    Grammy O to Aidan & Lily!