Monday, March 30, 2009

Kai Newell, Ladys Man

We just got back from dinner and I thought I would post a picture of Kai and his new girl friend or should I say friends. These girls work at one of the many stores that line the streets around our hotel. We have stopped and looked around many of stores and have actually got to know the people who work in several of them. However, my son has developed quite a following with the girls at the "Home of Love". That's right it's called the "Home of Love". Now you might think as Kai's dad I might be a bit concerned with him receiving attention from girls working at an establishment with that name. Well, the name actually refers to their focus on adoptive families. Anyway, every time we walk out of the hotel and start down the street the girls start calling out Kai Kai! It is too fun and Kai is totally eating it up and thinks he is a chick magnet. The one on the left is his favorite and her name is Lucy. She has played hacky sack with him(she has given him two free ones) and tried to teach him to speak Chinese. I guess it's just another experience in China!


  1. This is a riot. I hadn't seen your latest post when I wrote my latest, where I called Aidan a "lady's man." You'll have to check it out.

  2. Kai,
    Your quite a catch. Maybe you can bring home a wife with you. Get started early, while you are young. That is tooo funny! All great memories from your China adventure.

  3. Kai, ya big lug! You're making me look bad. All that girl stuff has me worried you've crossed over to the dark side. Use the force, Man, use the force. I want Kai, the Man back . . . not Kai, the Lady's Man! Ha!

    Have a great trip back! I can't wait to see you! - Andrew