Friday, March 27, 2009

Things we did not eat in China!

Jeff writes:
Hi everyone! Today we headed out for an adventure that I will call "Things we did not eat in China". We took a 15 minute walk from the hotel to an area that was Guangzhous answer to the "Farmers Market". I could see that our friend Kurt was very tempted when we passed the live scorpions and my mouth watered a bit when my eye caught sight of the dried sea horses but we all held out until we reached Starbucks. The trip was our most eye opening experience to date as to how our lives differ from some of the people living here. After Starbucks we went to Miss Jan's room and gave thanks for the Pappa Johns pizza we were about to eat. Tomorrow if the weather permits we may go to the zoo and Kai would like to hit the pool. We are only four days from going home and I for one am looking forward to getting home to Karsten and Sofia. It has been wonderful to use the technology of today to be able to talk to and see them through the internet but it will be even better to hold them and tell them I love them in person. Good night from Guangzhou China.

Anne Marie writes:
We are doing well. Today was kind of a lazy day at the hotel, after our trip to the market. It rained, so we didn't feel like going outside anymore. We spent several hours at the White Swan Play Room. Leah sat on my lap most of the time, played a little bit at the end. She has been very serious all day.

Not a smile...until we get back to our hotel room. Right now she is playing with her pappa. She is running around giggling and smiling. I think she might even be speaking Chinese. I have never heard her do that before! It is the best sound ever. It is like turning a light switch on. She is so happy right now. I will let the pictures speak for themselves!!!!


  1. LOVE that smile! And how cool that she really opens up when you're back in the hotel room, your home for now. That speaks volumes of the safety and comfort she feels with her family. I can't wait to see her smiling at her home here in Iowa! God is good!

    Ew, and how about that food tour! Okay Kai, stick to white rice, donuts and bacon ;-).


  2. Anne Marie -

    I found your blog through another blog - I'm so glad to see your little one smile. My soon to be son is in Dongguan and all of his pics thus far are very serious and a bit distant. I'm afraid I will be in the same position you were in the first few days - no smiles, very reserved little one. It is so encouraging to see their spirits come out and to hear that first sweet giggle. Enjoy!

  3. It is wonderful to see Grandad spending time with the grandchildren.

  4. Jeff,

    I am glad that you included Kai and Leah in the pictures you called "things we did NOT eat in China" They would not have liked to be eaten :-)

  5. Hi Anne Marie!!!! All the girls from work just wanted to send our love to your family! Gotta love that smile :) We are so very happy for you, can't wait to meet her.
    Love, your co-workers

  6. Dear Kai,

    Any squishy llamas yet? Were those frogs from your backyard? Glad you chose not to eat seahorses. Did you see anything tempting?

    Anna says she can't wait to meet Leah -- neither can I! I played Lego Star Wars with Karsten yesterday. He's pretty good!

    Your friend, Andrew