Sunday, March 29, 2009

Going to the orphanage tomorrow!

We got most of our shopping done today. Had a meeting to prepare for the paperwork for the Consulate Appointment. I think it is all in order. The whole group went to an Italian Restaurant for supper. The food was great. We have talked to our family in Norway on Skype tonight and our family in the US. Sofia was not awake yet, but we got to talk to our big boy Karsten. He got very excited when he looked at his calender and saw that we are coming home soon.

I cannot write more tonight, it is late and we have to get up early tomorrow. We are going to the orphanage. We are excited to have this chance to go and visit. But we are also a little bit nervous. Our guide told us to tell our driver to drive slowly. Pray for our safety tomorrow and that everything goes well. We will post more tomorrow!


  1. Det var så koselig å både se og prate med dere på Skype i dag! Lykke til med dagen i morgen!

  2. Hei Anne Marie!
    Du er utrolig god på blogging! Skjønner ikke at du rekker alt!! Syns Leah ser mer avslappet ut på bildene for hver dag som går!Håper alt går fint i morgen! Spennende å se hvor Leah har bodd og hvordan hun reagerer på å komme dit. Dere opplever jammen enormt mye på denne turen! Klem fra Anne

  3. Hi Anne Marie

    Leah is so beautiful. I enjoyed looking at all of the pictures of her. She looks so happy. I am glad Kai got to go along. What a great experience for you all. Can't wait to meet Leah when you get back home. Praying for your continued safety. Take care. Love, Krissie

  4. Hello Anne Marie, Jeff & Kai,

    Blessings from the Lutes Family. It is Sunday evening here. We all talked about you and your beautiful daughter over lunch and had a special prayer for your family. The girls and I attended a Spanish church today...we had fun! I hope that you have a wonderful experience at the orphange. I will be praying for your safety and that all will go very well. I know it will.
    Debbie & family

  5. Good morning, Jeff, Anne Marie and Kai,

    Perhaps you are already on your way to the orphanage. We are praying for your safety and blessings!

    Our family just got back from a swimming party -- indoor, of course! As you know, Karsten came along, and he had a great time. We called his party hat a "swim cap" and we talked about how Karsten gets to go swimming in an Iowa hotel, just like Kai gets to swim in a China hotel.

    Hugs to Kai and Leah!

    Love, Becky and family