Monday, February 16, 2009

We are waiting...

We are still waiting for our travel invitation from China. I keep checking my e-mails and I jump every time the phone rings, hoping for news. I know there is people that have waited longer than us and I just pray that they get their TA's this week, so that it can be our turn soon. We cannot wait to go and get Leah. She is part of our family and she belongs here at home with us.

I have been working on sending her a care package. I wrote a letter that Angela at LadybugsNLove will translate for us. We are also sending her a doll, candy for the nannies and the kids, a camera that we hope they will use to take pictures of her, and a photo album with pictures of our family. I hope that getting this package will help her understand as much as she can, that she has a family that loves her. We are praying that God will prepare her heart for this big change in her life and that we will get to travel soon!