Monday, March 23, 2009

It is LEAH DAY!!!

Jeff writes:
Hello from Guangzhou China. After an early morning and a good flight from Beijing we were driven to the White Swan hotel and got settled into our room. An hour later we were off again and this time it was to finally meet our new daughter. We were all very anxious and full of anticipation. The scene was really quite interesting. There were probably twenty other couples in a room waiting for their children. You could see on the faces of everyone there that life was about to change. Moments later there were children for all of the couples in that room, including our Leah. The Newells formerly of Norway would like to announce that we are now officially a family of six! A scripture verse in James began running through my mind from the moment I held her in my arms for the first time. James 1:17 says "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows". We have our perfect gift! Anne Marie would like to add her thoughts to this posting but before I sign off I would like to say that we have been very blest by the new friends we have made this last week. Our stay in Beijing with the other folks who are adopting was truly wonderful and we are hoping that they have all received their children by now and are experiencing the joy that we are experiencing. We will be reunited with everyone again on Friday here in Guangzhou and flying out together on the following Wednesday. We also have three new friends that we met today. Kurt, Jan and Aidan. Bonded together because of our shared experience today.

Two last comments for our gang from Beijing who are scattered around China tonight. The beds here at the White Swan are actually comfortable and Chairman Mao is still ticking!

Anne Marie writes:
Yes, today has surely been a very emotional day for all of us. So far Leah has been very quiet and we have not seen any grieving. I don't know if that's good or bad. It sure made the day a lot easier for us, but I really hope she will grieve over what she is leaving. I want to know that she can attach and love, so that she will be able to love us. Kai told me not to worry about it. He said she will be with us all the time so she has no choice but to bond with us. I hope he is right.

She is beautiful. Like Jeff said she goes to all of us equally,that was really helpful today because she weighs a ton. She is short and super chubby. I have never had a kid that chubby before. I wonder if they tried to fatten her up before we came. She looks much skinnier in the referral pictures. She is beautiful, and she actually has a little bit of hair now. We might be able to stick a bow in it tomorrow, we will see. We are very happy and very tired. We need to get to bed, but we promise to post more tomorrow with more pictures. Thanks for praying for us and thank you for all your comments. It is so nice to know you are all following our journey.


  1. Som mormor vil jeg være den første til å ønske Leah velkommen i familien. Et liten alvorlig datterdatter. Smilet kommet til å vokse seg frem etterhvert. Tenk på hvor alvorlig og betuttet du Anne Marie var da vi kom hjem fra India og Bangladesh når du var på samme alder. Ta tiden til hjelp. Dette er store omvenltninger i livet hennes. Lykke til i dagene som kommer.

  2. Congratulations!!! You finally have your beautiful Leah. I am so excited for your growing family. Kai is such a smart guy I am glad that her first day went well and there will be many more for you to discover her personality. She looks so grown up since her last pictures I can't wait to see her in a dress and a bow. Everyone at work is super excited for you guys!!!

  3. Yahooooo!!!!! We are all cheering here. She is the cutest thing, so beautiful. I am so happy for you...I've just been so emotional for you, finally after all that time waiting and hoping God has richly gifted your family. I can't wait to meet her someday. I'm sending a huge cyber hug to all. Have a wonderful time getting to know your's a perfect match! OK I'm ready to go back and adopt again...shhhh don't tell Bill :)

    Love you,


  4. This is the moment we've all been waiting for! The entire family was gathered around this morning, waiting to see if there was any news. Jacob and I are the first to share this magical moment. I can't wait until James and the kids come home! Leah is beautiful, as Jeff said, a perfect gift. Kai, you're a smart and sweet big brother -- she is blessed to have you. Jeff and Anne Marie, Leah could not have better parents! Thanks so much for posting the photos and notes. We feel like we are traveling with you. Now, hurry home! Love and prayers, Becky and Jacob

  5. Gratulerer så masse!!!! Tenk at dere endelig har fått den lille jenta deres. Hun er nydelig! Jeg kan ikke forestille meg hvor mange følelser dere har gått igjennom i løpet av dagen, når jeg kjenner hvor rørt jeg blir bare av å lese det dere skriver her på andre siden av jorda. Håper dere alle fire får en god natts søvn i natt og noen gode dager sammen videre på turen.

  6. What a beautiful blessing little Leah is to you all! She looks so healthy and strong! Our two girls were also very quiet the first couple of days. I anticipate that you will see smiles develop over the next day or so - especially to Kai and then watch out - her bonding will come so quickly!!

    The Scholles

  7. For en søt,liten jente! Ikke rart hun er alvorlig med så mye nytt som skjer rundt henne! Fulgte dere i tankene på morgenen i dag da dere fikk henne - så spennende!!!! Kai: Du er jo en helt super storebror! Du, Karsten, Sofia og Leah kommer til å få der flott sammen! Gratulerer med dagen fra Heddal

  8. Gifford "K" KrewMarch 23, 2009 at 9:42 AM

    HI Kai, I had a lot of fun skiing. IT is the hottest and tiring thing I have ever done. Was the great wall as tall as a mountian? What is the coolest thing you've seen so far? Have you gotten a Chinese souvenir? I have missed you. I will see you soon. I can't wait to see Leah! We are enjoying the pictures.

  9. Kjære Anne Marie og Jeff! Gratulerer med nydelige Leah!! Har tenkt på dere i hele dag... Nå har jeg sett på de rørende bildene av dere om og om igjen. Hun er så skjønn!! Flott med bilde av storebror Kai og lillesøster Leah! Mange klemmer fra oss i Rælingen

  10. Congratulations! What a sigh of relief to know that she is actually in your arms. We can't wait to see safe and we can't wait until you are home.
    Pam V.

  11. Hi Jeff & Anne Marie,

    Congrats on the newest member of your family!

    My cousin-in-law and her husband adopted a little girl from Guangzhou in Feb 07. They live in the greater Chicago area and continue to update their blog regularly.

    Sherry Simpson Fisher

    PS: Who is the old guy in the glasses?!!

  12. Velkommen inn i familien, Leah! Vi gleder oss veldig til å møte deg - og bli kjent med deg :). VI håper dere får en flott tid sammen før turen bærer hjemover til USA til resten av familien. Klemmer fra tante Ellen og onkel Lars Olav