Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lost at the zoo and much, much more

Today we went to the zoo. We had a great time! We saw the panda, the monkeys, and a lot more. Speaking of monkeys, we were going to take a picture by the monkeys. Just as Kurt Onken was about to take a picture, a monkey on a roof layed down on the roof and looked like he had split pants! Well, we were walking through the zoo when Kurt thought we better start heading back to the hotel so we wouldn't be late for the red couch picture and the consulate appointment. We THOUGHT we had to go to the NORTH gate but that's the way we came in. So we went around trying to find the north gate, but then we decided that we came in the north gate so we had to go to the SOUTH gate. So we wandered around for a while but then we FINALY made it out. So we got back to the hotel and just hung around for a little bit, and then went down for the red couch pictures which went great. Then it was time for the consulate appointment. Which also went great exept one little thing. Hour long drive there, be there for about 7 minutes and then an hour long drive back. Other then that it went great. Today was the final day we are going to be here so that means only one thing: by by Lucy. ( my girl friend ) ( "sniff" ) Man I am going to miss her. I wish we could keep in contact with here, but nope! Tonight we went to Lucy's to eat. ( Not my girl friends ) It was good. Aidan got a little mad during supper. Thank you everyone for following are blog. Kai Anders Newell


  1. Kjære dere nå er det slutt på det kinesiske eventyret, men det fortsetter i hjemtraktene i Granger. Takk for at vi har fått fulgt dere igjennom turen og opplevelsene for hver dag. Ønsker dere lykke til når hverdagen begynner igjen. Vi gleder oss til å se dere "live" i juni. God tur hjem.

  2. Hi, everyone! Thanks for your latest comments on our blog. We are indeed already missing you guys, too. I've been checking back to see if you had posted one more post about your homecoming. I was more than exhausted when I got home, but managed somehow to get a post up. We've had a couple of whiny kids...both getting used to their new circumstances, but overall it hasn't been too bad. Just bedtime problems. Julie is also pretty sore after her accident, but no other injuries, thank the Lord. I look forward to keeping in touch. Talk to you soon. God grant you a restful, refreshing time of adjustment at home.

    In Christ's peace and joy,
    (a.k.a. Dragonfruit...that's for Kai. Over. Chhhhhttt.)