Saturday, March 28, 2009

Medical exam

The Dr. at the medical office was prodding and looking at Leah. She was doing great sitting on my lap quietly. He just kept looking and looking at her hands and feet, and finally she couldn't take it anymore. She started crying so hard, her tears were just flowing. My heart was breaking for her. He finally had me stand up and hold her while he measured her legs. He decided that one leg is shorter than the other. That might very well be, I don't know, but you can not measure any one's leg that way. He asked me if she could walk, I said yes. He asked me if she limps and I said no. At that point I wouldn't have told him if she had the biggest limp in the whole wide world. Anyway, she passed her medical exam. Now we have to get ready for our Consulate Appointment. We have a meeting with our guide tomorrow to work on our papers.

Today's update on Leah is good. She seems to get more and more comfortable with us. Every time we go back to the hotel room now she warms up and starts smiling and laughing. She is still very quiet and shy when other people are are around. So don't expect her to be super friendly the first time you meet her. She likes to turn her head or ignore people she doesn't know.

Karsten and Sofia, we are coming home very soon. Only a couple more days. Cannot wait to see you and give you a big hug and kiss! We love you and miss you a ton!!!


  1. Hi guys!!! Just catching up on some reading! Leah is soooo beautiful and Kai looks like he is really enjoying being a big brother again. =) I'm so happy for you, give her hugs and kisses from the Mercy gals. Can't wait to meet you Leah!! Have a safe journey home!

    --Kristi M

  2. Congratulations on your new daughter!! She is so beautiful and every photo melts my heart. I love the ones with the ear-to-ear smiles. I'm sure there will be many more smiles every day as she gets to know the awesome family she is joining.

    This blog has been such a blessing to be able to follow your journey to Leah. My computer started having internet issues last week so I have been sneaking a peek at your blog every day during my 5-min lunch break at work. :o) Today is Saturday and I'm at the office to complete some required online training(yawn)--so finally I have enough time to post a comment.

    Kai is being a superb big brother to Leah. I'm sure Karsten will be glued to his side when you return and that Kai will have so many things to tell him about your adventures in China and meeting Leah for the first time.

    I love all the pink clothes and the bows. She looks so sweet! I can already imagine your daughters together laughing and playing in matching outfits. Think of all the fun to come! What a blessing from above...a gift that you will continue to unwrap & discover more about each day as she blends into your family, learns English and reveals all the talents God has given to her.

    Keeping your family in my prayers & praying for a safe trip home.

    --Miss Carla