Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trip to the Summer Palace

Kai skating at the Summer Palace

We had our first breakfast in China today. It was awesome. Really fancy and very good. It filled us up for the whole day. I think we will try out a Chinese restaurant that Joy recommended tonight. We will have to see if they have some plain white rice on the menu for Kai:)

Today was a "free day" because we arrived a day earlier than the rest of our group. We decided to be adventures and make a trip of our own. The people at the hotel wrote down in Chinese where we were going and the name of our hotel. We just showed that card to our non-English speaking taxi drivers. It worked, they took us where we needed to go.

We had a great day at the Summer Palace. The weather was beautiful, the scenery beautiful and the architecture unbelievable. The biggest attraction though, was Jeff wearing shorts. We had lots of people look at him and smile. One old lady even wanted to get her picture taken with him. Jeff just laughed and laughed, it was really funny. We talked about you today tante Ase, and how it would have been fun if you were here with us. You would have liked our little outing today. We miss you!

Jeff got a foot massage when we got back to the hotel. He loved it, but he said it was almost painful. He has been dreaming about getting a massage here since we found out we would be going to China soon.

Kai and I went to the swimming pool while Jeff got his massage. Kai swam and I watched. A lady that worked there came up to us and said that he had to wear a cap. We are not sure why, but we bought one from her. Kai thought it was cool, he thinks it makes him swim faster.

We can tell the 13 hour time difference is affecting us. We are all tired. I am sure we will be hitting our rock hard beds early again tonight also.

We talked to Karsten and Sofia on Skype this morning. It was so fun to see them and talk to them. They are having a great time. That of course makes us very happy. Thank you grandma and aunt Debby!Hotel pictures


  1. Kjære Kai!
    Jeg tror også at du svømmer mye fortere med badehette, så bare fortsett med det! Spurte bestefar og Mommo og de er helt enig! Lurer på om det virker like bra på løping også? Det synes jeg du burde teste for oss!
    Venter spent på resultatet! Kanskje du kan løpe opp trappene til muren med og uten lue, så kan mamma ta tida?
    Fortsatt god tur til deg Kai! Leah er heldig som får deg til storebror!
    Stor klem fra Tante Åse

  2. I have always thought that Jeff in shorts is pretty interesting to look at too!

    Kai, that swimming cap definitely makes you look fast. Maybe a olympian swimmer is in your future. It almost looks like a young Michael Phelps.