Friday, March 20, 2009

Update on Kai

Kai slept from 7:30pm to 7 am today!!! Yeah! We are hoping that will do it and that he will be able to stay awake today:) This jet leg thing is really hard. I just hope we are all rested up on Monday when we get Leah! Kai just got a really cool message under comments from his buddy Andrew. Please leave a comment when you visit. It is just so much fun for us to read when we are so far away from home. It makes us smile and warmes our hearts.

Today we are off to a busy day. We will be visiting the Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, and a Acrobotic Show. It should be great (if we can stay awake)!


  1. Kai,

    You are looking right at home in China. Are you speaking the language yet? Enjoy your time there and make sure your mom and dad don't get into any trouble :)


  2. Hvis dere har tid og anledning prøv å besøke en av kirkene på søndag. Vi var i Chong Wen Men Church. De er vant med engelskspråklige turister. Tror både Clinten og Busch har vært der. Gir dere beskjed på forhånd via guiden kan dere få oversettelse til engelsk via hodetlf. Dessuten fin sang og musikk. Gir et innblikk i det offentlige godkjente kirkeliv. Har bibelbutikk på gårdsplassen. Tror det var der jeg kjøpte den engelsk - kinesiske Bibelen til Jeff.

  3. The Prideauxs are watching your great adventure on the way to your blessing.(Leah) Looks like you are seeing a lot and enjoying it.Praying for you.
    Todd, Jodi & kids

  4. Anne Marie, Jeff & Kai,

    We are faithfully watching your trip. It feels like we are right there with you. Love the pictures of Kai! It brings back so many memories of our trips to get our girls. Every morning Noah and I wake up and run to the computer to check on our dear friends. I'm glad you are doing so well. Have a fun day.

    You are in our thoughts and prayers,

    Debbie & Bill

  5. Kai,

    What was it like on the great wall? Do you speak any chinese yet? Pretty soon you will know what its like to have to little sisters like me. Was it hard when you first got to China and you didnt know what they are saying?
    My dad says when he was in China he never ordered off the menu...he just asked for what he wanted, so if you like chicken just ask for chicken...
    Write you later dude