Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some pictures...

Hallo everyone

We are doing well. I am posting some pictures from Easter. We spent Easter at Jeff's mom and dad's house. We had a great time. Leah really warmed up to her family and was full of smiles and giggles!

Our friend LeAnn and boys brought us a trunk full of jewelery and princess clothes. The girls had a great time dressing up. Even Karsten got involved in the fun!

I took these pictures yesterday outside our house. It was such a beautiful day! I always try to get some pictures in the Spring when the tulips are blooming. Notice how Leah has her arm around Sofia. We have seen some good sister moments lately...I am hoping for a lot more of that.


  1. Gorgeous little dresses on those girls! Looks like Lean is doing very well! Cannot believe its been almost a month home now! Time flies! Things are going well here. Sleeping is going very well just learning on the sharing bit! Tell Kai we said Hi! Take care and thanks for keeping us updated! Love, The Shanes

  2. so beautiful! I'm so glad Leah's (and all of you!) adjusting so very well.

  3. I love the dress up pictures, they are so cute, they all look like they are having fun. I am glad you made it over the other day we will have to get together again. I will be thinking of you and Jeff as you make the transition back to work.

  4. You have such a beautiful family! I love to check in on your blog and read your posts..

    Michelle Simmons