Friday, April 10, 2009

We are adjusting to life at home!

We are working on adjusting. It has been a busy week as a mom of 4. I don't know how you all with more kids do it... I feel like I don't have enough lap space and enough hands...

Leah is doing well. She is playing and enjoying her life with us. She calls Jeff and I pappa and mamma now. She is so cute when she talks. She says some Chinese words (I think) and she tries to speak some English words also. Her little voice is adorable. Her biggest issue is that she gets these crying spells sometimes that can last up to one hour. It mostly happens during the night, but we have had one spell like that during the day also. She cries, screams and kicks, and nothing I do seems to be able to calm her down. I think of them as her adoption, grieving cry. I hope they become less and less frequent as times goes on. We actually had a really good night last night. It was the first night she didn't wake up at all since we got home from China. I don't think we are over the hump yet, but I am so glad to see that it can happen. I still woke up tired because I woke up several times waiting for her to wake up and cry.

Sofia is not quite as whiny any longer. I think she is feeling better from her cold and she is getting more used to having me home again. The girls struggle with jealousy and sharing. I am guessing that is going to be our issue for awhile. This is definitely a big change for both of them. Kai and Karsten continues to be great big brothers. I have to go now, my little one are calling for my attention... Have a great day!!!


  1. Great pics! I cannot imagine 4 kids! I feel you! Its been an adjustment with just 2 kids for me! But, I am sure you are being such great parents. Glad things are going better. We are still trying to get on schedules, too. It is getting better. Hannah is sleeping in her bed now, but still wakes up at night, too. With time, I am sure Hannah and Leah will both feel right at home. Keep posting when you have time. I still check often!
    Take care---The Shanes Tell Kai we said Hi!

  2. What a good looking family! Aidan is also having some sleep issues, too...he still needs me to hold him on my shoulder while standing, mind you, in order for him to go to sleep. If he's not quite ready to lay down, he can throw quite a fit. One plus is that he's comfortable sleeping in his bed (with a guard rail/net).

    However, tonight was a milestone...he let Julie put him to bed, since I was later coming home from Good Friday service (Julie decided that she and the kids ought to stay home for this one this year).

    Aidan also has become frantic whenever there's food around. Any little crinkle of a bag or movement to the fridge, and he's on your heel, whining and salivating. Any food issues for you guys with Leah? (I can't imagine that precious little face being frantic).

    Miss you guys. Great hearing the update.

    Easter blessings to you,
    Kurt and the fam
    (aka, Dragonfruit...hi, Kai!)

  3. Good to see that you are home and adjusting. Sofia has grown since we saw her. It is great to see the pictures.

  4. Hi, Just catching up on everyone! Happy Easter and all looks great there - you sound like you are doing wonderfully! Caleb goes down well for his naps, but we had some crying issues at night, up until the last 2 nights. I put him in bed after a short book and then put some Disney lullabies on and he went down easy (too easy!) He seems rather at home and the kids are wonderful also. They are old enough to help and sometimes fight over who will help, yet! Hopefully it will continue, as they will get tired of him getting into their stuff at times, but then the next second, they are so glad he's here and talking about "how cute he is". We have had issues with him putting things into his mouth lately (attention or other?? I don't know yet) All in all, he adjusted well to the time - but slept only about 5 hours of the long flight day! Hope to hear from you guys soon! Miss you guys and can't wait to get together! Hi Kai - you and Keanan will hit it off when we see you - he tells us he should have gotten to go because you did! Happy Easter!

  5. Så flotte bilder av barna! Leah har et nydelig smil! Så heldig hun er som får 3 kjekke søsken inn i livet sitt!Du har alltid vært en person som gir mye av deg selv til de du er glad i,AM, så dine 4 barn er kjempeheldig med mora si!! Dere får nok noen travle år framover, men barndommen går fort....Skulle gjerne kommet og hjulpet deg litt en 14 dagers tid, men men...
    Mange klemmer fra Anne